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It was a full moon night, the moon was already high up in the sky and was shedding lustre everywhere. Its white beams seemed reaching into the farthest corner of the room. I got up and decided to go for a stroll with some of my friends. Some of my school mates live nearby. I took them with me and together we set out.

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It was cool, calm and fresh. There were very few people on the roads. The trees, the houses and the huts were covered with a white silvery sheet. We were now in a park. The flower beds looked colorful. The whole place seemed to be full of fragrance. The moon-beams were brightening the whole place. We watched the scene spellbound and then moved on.

The river was not far. What if we could see the river at such a time of the night! We were all bewitched by the beauty of the scene. So we came to the river. Its water seemed to be flowing quietly. All around it was quiet. The moonlight seemed to clothe the river with- a silvery light. We sat there on the bank with our feet dangling in the water. We laughed and sang.


All of a sudden a dark big cloud came against the moon. We could no longer see the moon but its white silvery beams, were still making the whole sky bright. What a glorious spectacle of nature it was!

The moon appeared again. It seemed to be making its way through the heavy clouds. Once again the moonbeams began to fall on water making the surface reflect the sky in all its beauty. The sparking water, the sky and its reflection in the water filled us with joy. We played hide and seek for some time and then returned. It was past eleven o’clock when we reached our respective homes. The walk in the moonlit night had been very pleasant and its impression is still fresh in my mind.

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