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Many meetings are held  in the different parts of the world. They are of many kinds, such as, political meeting, literary meetings, religious meeting and so on. Meetings are also held in Orissa. I had a chance to see one such meeting.

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I went with my father and attended a meeting in the Town Hall of Cuttack on 8-6-1993. Some gentlemen were coming by cars, some by rickshaws and some by the bike. Some were coming on bicycles. Some were coming on foot. The meeting began at 6 P.M. But the hall was not filled up. There were more than half the chairs vacant. I asked my father about it. My father explained that it was a literary meeting. People, in general, are not interested in literature and so the attendance is so low.

A prominent writer of Orissa presided over the meetings. In his preliminary speech, which was very brief, the President said the purpose of the meeting. He said that for want of proper encouragement, the Oriya poems are no more developing. People are not reading poems and nobody is writing poems. This has come down to such a state that poems will be completely wiped out from the field of Oriya literature. The President invited through discussion over it. Different speakers spoke their respective views. Then a resolution was passed that an All-Orissa Literary Conference would be called where this problem would be discussed and line of action would be planned.

At last, the President delivered his speech. He said that he is primarily a prose-writer, though he occasionally writes some poems; that is would have bee better, if a poet had been seated in his place. The President said many other things. An organizer thanked the President and the persons present. Then the meeting was over and all went back.



This was a very impressive meeting. The atmosphere was calm. The discussion was scholastic. The speeches were polite. The oratory was humble and peaceful. There was sympathy and gravity in the meeting. I like such meeting.

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