Essay on a Morning Walk

Morning is the best time. It is then that nature is at its best. The parks and gardens are full of fragrance. Colourful flowers bloom. The mind is fresh and the morning air is all the more refreshing.

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It is at this time that I go out for walk. I also take with me my friend Ramu. We go for a long walk everyday. The street lights are still on. We walk through the city streets till we reach the garden nearby. The gush of cool breeze greets us. The chirping of the birds in the trees is very sweet. The blooming flowers lend sweetness to the whole atmosphere. Soon the lights are off.

We walk on the green grass which is wet with dew drops. Nearby is a high place. How pleasing it is to see the peacock dancing there ! Very soon it is day-dawn. The sun appears. It is at this time that we take some deep breathing exercise and then walk back homewards. We see farmers going to their fields with their bullocks and ploughs. They move at a snail’s pace. We meet people who too are going out for the morning walk. Some run while others who are old walk slowly. Then there are young children going to school with their large satchels hung by their shoulders. A morning walk is the best exercise and keeps us fresh. We feel refreshed.


Morning walk is highly beneficial for health. The dust free air enters our lungs. It is a panacea for all diseases. It lengthens our life. All those who have been taking regular morning walk are said to enjoy a long life. We should therefore, make it a habit to go for a walk regularly and persuade others to do so.

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