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Mod was an orphan. His parents died when he was hardly five years old. He was brought up by his aunt. The aunt was very bad tempered. She used to scold him at every step. She cursed him. She called him a little devil. Moti tried to win her over with his hard work. He did all sorts of odd jobs for her. It was, however, all in vain.

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Moti was soon fed up with this sort of life. The ill treatment soon told upon his health and temperament. The once jovial boy became sad. He spent hours brooding over his sad life. He became weak in his studies and soon he was at the bottom of the class. The teachers felt sorry for him but they were helpless. They had to scold him sometimes.

Moti now lost all interest in life. Whether at school or at home, his life became a burden to him. Days wore on. One day Moti lost his book. He could not do his home work. The teacher reported against him to the headmaster, who sent him home to bring his guardian with Moti came home. His aunt saw him. She thought he had slipped away from school. She was very angry. Moti began to weep. What else could he do?


Annual examinations were now approaching fast. Moti was becoming more and more dull everyday. As a result he failed that year. Moti heard the result. He did not go home. He decided to end his life. He went to the river Jamuna. There was a large crowd of people. Moti could not find a place from where he might jump unseen. He wrote a letter that he was committing suicide and no one was to blame for his death.

He then went to the Qutab Minar. He climbed up the Minar and jumped down. Down he came with a thud and lay dead in a pool of blood. The watchman saw him fall. He informed the police. The flying squad arrived. They discovered the letter in his pocket. His uncle and aunt were sent for. The aunt began to weep pretending that she had lost her dear nephew. Moti’s dead body was sent for post-mortem. It was handed over to the uncle and aunt who cremated it. His death was reported in the newspapers next morning.

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