Essay on A Pick-pocket Caught Red-handed

The other day I was travelling by bus. There was a large crowd of passengers, almost double the seating capacity. The driver applied the brakes all of a sudden. There was a jerk and some of the passengers who were standing fell down. One of the passengers was an old lady. She could not bear the impact and fainted. The woman came round after a short while. She looked for her purse. It was gone. She raised a hue and cry. The conductor took pity on the old lady and whistled for the bus to stop.

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The bus stopped. Some passengers raised objections. They said that they were getting late. There were, however, some who sympathized with the old lady and demanded that a search should be carried out. Who could object to it? A search was made. Everyone was asked to search his pockets. There was one passenger who was very eager for others to be searched. He went round and searched pockets of others himself.

There was a lot of noise. The lost purse could not be found. The conductor was a very good man. He was sorry that the old woman should thus love whatever she had. He decided to take the bus to the police station nearby. He, therefore, rang the bell and the bus started.


The bus took the first turning to the right and went straight for the police station. Many passengers objected to this. The conductor, however, did not pay any attention to them. In the meantime an elderly gentleman, proposed that the man who had conducted the search should also be searched. Everyone liked the idea. The passengers now crowded round the fellow. The man made an effort to avoid the search but to no avail. He was searched and lo! the purse was found in his inner pocket.

The people were very angry. Here was the man who was responsible for the delay. They fell upon him and beat him black and blue. The purse was handed over to the old lady. The lady blessed the fellow who had found out the pick­pocket. Everyone praised the elderly gentleman for his sound common sense.

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