Essay on a Picnic I recently enjoyed

It was the month of February. The weather was very pleasant. The nights were cool but the days were sunny. These were picnic days. We, therefore, decided to go out on an outing. On Thursday we gathered in our school early in the morning. We had our lunch packets with us. The unanimous decision was that we would spend the day at some of the most popular picnic-spots of Delhi.

Kerala Association of Colorado – Picnic 2014

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We hired a bus for the day. Each boy contributed Rs. five. Punctually at ten in the morning we boarded the bus and set out. The first place we visited was the Buddha Jayanti Park. What a feast of colour there was! Rowers were in full bloom. The flowers grew here and there—in the rocks and on the hills. All around we could see the skilful work of an artist. We sat on the grass and enjoyed the whole scene.

At 10 o’clock we set out again. We were now bound for Okhla. The bus did not take long to reach there. We reached the bank of the Jamuna river. It was a beautiful sight. The water of the Jamuna looked dazzlingly bright in the light of the sun. The anglers were busy with their fishing rods. There were water fowls playing in shallow water. The sweet notes of the warbling birds on the trees added to the charm of the scene.


The place was full of holiday-makers. It resounded with the playful sounds of the children in the park.We spread a carpet and sat down. It was two O’clock. We felt hungry. So we took out our lunch packets and had a hearty meal. Nearby was a tap to quench our thirst.

After half-an hour’s programme of songs and music which was enjoyed by the people thronging the place, we came to our bus again. We now went to the Qutab, another picnic-spot frequented by people coming to Delhi. At the Qutab we could not enjoy ourselves much. Time at our disposal was very short.

We rested for a while in the parks surrounding this ancient monument. The shades of darkness were now about to fall. So we came back to the bus. In a few moments we set out on our return journey. We reached our school at about 6.30 P.M. From there we all set out for our homes. We all had a nice time.

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