Essay on a picnic in which I took part

An essay on a picnic in which I took part.


One Saturday evening, I was talking with some of my classmates. By the by, we thought how we could best spend the next day. One of us, whose name was Jatin, suggested a picnic in their country house at Khardaha on the bank of the Hooghly, commonly known as the Ganga. We readily agreed to his proposal. It was settled that next morning we should all meet at the Sealdah station and catch the 6-30 train in the morning. Then we went to market and made some purchases. Sailen was put in charge of those things. He would take them to the station. I undertook to take some utensils and cooking vessels.

Kerala Association of Colorado – Picnic 2015

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The Journey

The next morning we reached the station at the appointed time. Then we got into the train. It was a short journey; still we passed the time merrily. After reaching Khardaha station, we went to the intended house hiring several cycle rickshaws. After taking rest we had our breakfast there. It consisted of tea, buttered toast, sweets and fruit.

Bathing in the river

The house stood just on the Ganga. A landing stage led from the compound of the house to the water of the river. We all know how to swim. So we rubbed our body well with mustard oil and plunged into the water for a swim. It was the month of April, and so the bath in the cool water of the river was very refreshing.


Our meal

After the bath was over, we began to prepare our food. I know how to cook. So I took the leading part in this. We had brought meat and fish with us. While the cooking was going on, some of us began to road newspapers, some others began to play at cards. Some sat by the side of the river to enjoy the beauty of the scene. When cooking was over, plantain leaves were spread in two rows and we sat down to eat. The food wan served by one of us and then he also sat with us. We felt to eating as we were very hungry. But all the while we were talking on various topics. We had a grand feast, and every body admired my skill in cooking.

Rest after Meal

As we had all eaten our fill, we required some rest. We lay down on the carpet-like soft grass in the shade of a tree. A pleasant breeze was blowing. Some of us fell asleep, while others went on playing at cards and chatting.


The evening and the return journey—In the afternoon we had tea. Then we all sat on the bank of the river. The sun now setting. A pleasant breeze was blowing from the south. The river was flowing down with a sweet murmuring note. Many boats were sailing up and down the river. We enjoyed the scene very much. At last the time for our departure arrived. We gave some baksis to the servant of the garden house who helped us much. We then went to the station, got into a local train and reached Sealdah. Then we went to our respective places. We were all of the opinion that we had passed a very pleasant day.

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