Essay on a scene at a Busy Railway Platform for School Students

Last Sunday I happened to go to the Delhi Railway station to receive my uncle who was coming from Calcutta. I went there in a three wheeler. I was accompanied by my elder brother.

Word Sketches: February 2012

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I reached the station well in time and bought platform tickets. I was wonder struck to see great rush. Taxis and buses were coming in quick succession. They were full of people who were coming to receive, their near and dear ones. We roamed about for some time, and then went to the platform.

The platform was full of people-—men, women and children. All were waiting for the train. Some passengers were sitting on the benches while others were moving up and down. The vendors were selling eatables in a sing-song voice. There were tea-stalls. As the train was late. We took tea and biscuits from one of the stalls. My elder brother bought a book from the book stall.


In the meantime the train steamed in. There was jostling and pushing. The passengers struggled in and tried to get a seat comfortable. My uncle was in a reserved compartment. We took out his luggage. He was very happy to see us.

There was a deafening noise on the platform. The train soon steamed out. The visitors also moved out. Soon the platform was deserted. The vendors shifted to other platforms. Nothing was left there except the permanent stalls.

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