Essay on a Story which you have read and Enjoyed recently


Last week, I received some presentations from my uncle on the occasion of my birthday ceremony. There was a book of stories among the presentations that he had sent me by post. These stories were written in simple English.


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I could read and understand them well. Of course, there are some words which are very difficult for me. But they did not obstruct me in understanding the chain of facts and the main current of ideas. While reading, I guessed the meaning of those words and later I found that they were more or less, correct. I think that those who have made a regular habit a reading can develop the capacity of guessing the sense of the difficult words in a passage.


The story I read:

In that book I read all the stories. But one of them impressed me very much. I was an epic story. It was the story of the sage Dadhichi. The stroy goes like this.

In the far old days, there were demons on the earth. The Gods were living in the heaven. The demons aspired for heaven, because in heaven there were paradise and nectar, there were Rambha Urbasi and Menaka. But the demons were denied heaven. Gods did not permit them to go there. Because, demons were very wicked being. If they possessed nectar, they would be immortal and their wickedness would multiply. So, there was constant quarrel, hatred and warfare between the Gods and the demons.

One, there was a demon named Brutrasura, He was sturdy and aggressive. He invaded Swarga the heaven and sacked the Devas, Indra the king of the Devas, could not do anything. So, they all went to approach Brahma, the Grandsire. They prayed Brahma for advice. Brahma said that only the bones of Dadhichi would be able to save the Devas. These bones would be made into a Bajra (Bolt) and with this bolt the Daitya would be killed.


At this time Dadhichi was  engrossed in deep meditation. Indra and the Devas came to Martya (Earth and reached his Ashram). They waited till his meditation was over Dadhichi received them with utmost affection and cordiality. Indra, quite reluctantly, put the matter before him. Dadhichi stonce he sat in meditation and within a few second his life passed away. Indra and the Devas were very much struck at the great sacrifice of the Munindra (The king of the sages.) Then they collected the bones from the dead body of Dadhichi, Niswakarma, the celestial carpenter, make a mighty bolt of these bones. In the next round of fight the devas killed demon. Brutrasure with he help of this mighty bolt.


This story was very interesting for me. I was instructive too. I read this story over and over again and while reading, I enjoyed it. Because the narration was lively and full of narrative art.

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