Essay on A Street Quarrel

At about 4 P.M., some children were playing with a ball in the street. As ill luck would have it, the ball bounced off and fell into the house of a rich man. All the boys ran to fetch it. They knocked at the door. The servant opened it and enquired what the matter was. In stead of giving them the ball, the servant began to abuse them. The mistress of the house came on the scene and she also began to abuse them. The boys were in a rage. They too began to abuse the servant. The servant was a bully. He came out and slapped some of them.


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The boys went home weeping. They reported the whole thing to their parents. The parents grew angry at this, and they went to the rich man’s house, caught the servant and beat him black and blue. Many passersby gathered at the spot. They enquired about the matter. Instead of pacifying the people, they began to take sides. Some blamed the servant while others said that the boys were to blame. A quarrel began. From wordy duel they came to blows. There was free fight in the street. Soda water bottles and brickbats were hurled. Many received injuries. Many had bleeding noses.

In the meantime someone Tang up the police. In no time the flying squad arrived. The crowd dispersed. Only the injured and the wounded were left on the scene. The road was all littered with broken bottles and brickbats. The police at once rounded up the people who had been a party to the scuffle and took them to the police station. The inspector noted down their statements and sent them to the lock up for further interrogation.


Now it dawned on the minds of the people how foolish they had been. They apologized and promised that they would not quarrel in future. The inspector felt they were repentant and, therefore, let them off with a warning.

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