Essay on a very Boring Holiday

It way a Sunday in May last year. I had absolutely nothing to do after the examination except to meet some of my friends and to spend, my time playing a game or two of chess. I, however, found that it would not be possible to do so on that particular day. My parents had to go out on a piece of business. They left me alone to spend my time as best as I could.

boring | Dwight Brown

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At first I thought that I should switch on my radio and enjoy some of the songs. For a while I was satisfied but soon I got tired of it. I tried to enjoy a short sleep but I could not because of the mosquitoes. Exasperated I took up a book which I had once liked but that day it did not interest me at all. I threw it away and began to enjoy the cool breeze of the fan. I hoped that I shall get some sort of rest in my loneliness. But God seemed to be displeased. The electric current failed and I began to perspire. I felt so bored that I came out and began to breathe the fresh air in the open. I had however, to come back to my room because a gale blew fiercely.

It was evening by now. I felt a bit hungry. I went into the kitchen and made tea for myself. I thought that this would boost up my drooping spirits. I did feel refreshed but it was for only a while. My boredom increased and I began to wait impatiently for my parent’s return. They arrived rather late. I was almost in tears. It was indeed a very boring holiday that I had.

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