Essay on a Village-Street


A village-street in India is carved out of the soiled surface of the village. It is neither pitched nor mettalled. It is much higher than a beaten track and much lower than a road or highway.


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It is seldom brought under repair, and so it, is broken at many places. In the rainy season it gets muddy and becomes unfit for the human use. People drag through it with much difficulty. It is not properly taken care of and so it is dirty and full of filth and rubbish.


General use:

A village street is used by the people of the village in which it runs. It is also used by the passers-by coming from many other places. It does not bear a heavy traffic. It is quite lone at mid-day and mid-night. Bicycles and bullock carts wheel along with loads of merchandise on them, Motor truck and motor cars are very scarcely seen.

General sight:

A village street looks very humble for its plain and simple character. In winter and summer, it is grey with dust. In the rainy season, it is black with mud. When the day dawns the children of the village walk along the village street till they reach their primary school. The village-street feels the footsteps of these simple manikins and listens to their mirthful noise and laughter. In the morning the villagers walk along the street, sickles in their hands. Some people come driving their yokes of oxen in order to teach their cornfields. At mid-day, they all come back home by the same street of their village. In dusk, children return home from their school. The village-street is echoed with their noise. The returning cattle tread the street and scatter the dust all around. On the market days, rows of bullock carts move along the street and bicycles are seen in numbers.


During the rainy season the village-street is cut off at many places. At these points, we see the passing streams of rain-water. Thus, the village-street bears different sights in different seasons. A few trees stand on its either side, raising their heads all throughout the year. But the grasses near about, appear and disappear with the change of the seasonal weather.

General improvement:

The village-street should be lifted to a higher standard. It should be metalled and pitched. It should be properly maintained by a responsible village organization. The villagers, themselves, should have a watchful eye upon the village street.



In the modern period, streets are very important in the life of a nation. Streets are the first and foremost requirement for the development of a country’s economy. A village-street is a part of a country’s network of a communication. It connects the village with a commercial center of a district town. Thereby the finance of the village is highly elevated. Hence, we should pay our due attention to the upkeep of the village street.

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