Essay on A Visit to a Crowded Bazaar

A crowded market presents an interesting scene. There is din and bustle. People move up and down the market making all sorts of purchases. There is an unending stream of visitors. The buyers move from one shop to the other.

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Last Sunday I had a friend from my native village. He requested me to accompany him to Chandni Chowk, the old market of Delhi, dealing in a variety of goods. It was 3 o’clock when we set out. Within half an hour we were there. We entered the market from the Red Fort side.

What a crowded bazaar! There were large crowds of people at the shops. There were motor cars, rickshaws, scooters and taxies. The buses, too, were plying up and own the bazaar. We kept to the foot-path. Soon we were at the Fountain. There we saw the Gurdwara Sis Ganj with its golden dome. A large number of devotees were going in or coming out.


We moved on. There were shops dealing in all sorts of goods. There were the cloth merchants, chemists, jewellers, confectioners1, tobaccoonists, leather goods merchants, wine merchants, gramophone dealers, radio shops and shops dealing in general merchandise. The show cases exhibited the goods in style to tempt us.

We had now gone round the whole shopping-centre. We, therefore, turned round. On the way back we went into the lane specializing in friend foods. There we had some steaming-hot parathas stuffed with potatoes. They were, indeed, very tasty and my friend relished them.

Now we were in the centre of the bazaar. My friend entered a shop dealing in suitcases and bags and he purchased a nice looking handy brief-case to keep papers. Then we went back to the Red Fort end of the bazaar. It was evening by now. The whole bazaar looked bright like day. The showcases we had seen before looked all the more bright due to the dazzling lights. The whole place seemed transformed. We saw young boys and girls, smartly dressed strolling about. They seemed to be strangers because they were amazed at what they saw. My friend has a mind to go round the bazaar again but I felt tired. So I persuaded him to return. We now hired a taxi and came back home.

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