Essay on a visit to a historical place for School Students

It was a holiday at school on account of the Basant Panchami festival. So we, a few students, decided to go out for sightseeing immediately after our breakfast. At about nine we all got ready. We took some fruit and sweets and then set out.

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We were all on our bikes. Within half-an-hour we saw the massive walls of red sandstone. In five minutes we were at the gate of the fort—the famous Red Fort. The Red Fort was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan, well known in history as the great builder. It is, as its name indicates, made of red sandstones. We entered the fort by the main gate. The entry was, of course, by tickets.

We passed through a small bazaar. The shops offered for sale decorative pieces of different designs and workmanship. It is said that it was in this bazaar that the merchants of Delhi used to sell their goods to the nobles of the court.


Now we reached the Naqqar Khana. It was the place where the Mughal emperors had their drummers. The trumpets were sounded several times during the day. This was the main entrance to the palace. We passed through the open space till we reached Diwan-i-Aam. It was- the place where the emperor held a Durbar and listened to the complaints of his subjects. It was a big hall with no walls but the roof was supported by a large number of pillars.

Next we went to the museum. The place displayed relics of the past—dresses, and weapons, viz., daggers, swords, axes and spears. There were many other articles of artistic design, each more beautiful than the other.

Next we visited the Rang Mahal—the pleasure-house. It is said that the walls of the Rang Mahal were once studded with precious stones. Now the walls are all bare. Then we went to the Diwani-i-Khaas. Here the Emperor used to grant audience to his courtiers. We also saw the royal hammams and the mosque. The mosque was used by the Emperor as his private place of worship.

There were other places to visit but they were all closed for the visitors. By noon we had seen all that was worth seeing. So we took some refreshment and then set out again. Now we pedalled on to the Qutab. We placed our bicycles with the cycle-keeper and went round the high tower. It was now quite late. So we rushed back home. We were glad to have spent the day well.

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