Essay on a Visit to an Exhibition

Exhibitions are a source of knowledge and enjoyment They are arranged in order to keep the people in touch with the latest inventions of science which may safely be used by them in the daily life. The businessmen visit these exhibitions for new fields of business. The students and teachers throng them in order to enrich their minds with new knowledge. Children like to go there for amusement. As a matter of fact there is none who does not benefit by going to an exhibition.

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Delhi, being the capital of a big country, has become a centre of exhibitions. Exhibitions of one thing or the other— arts, crafts, industries, etc. are arranged at one place or the other. There has also been set apart a big area of land on the Mathura Road to housed exhibitions organized on a large scale.

A few years ago a big “Industries Fair” was held in the exhibition grounds. Preparations for this exhibitions started several months before the day of inauguration. Stalls and the pavilions representing various countries of the world took several months to come up. Roads were made. Grassy plots were laid out. A whole city humming with activity sprang up. Hundreds of flood-lights at night made the place look like a fairyland.


The exhibition was widely advertised and it was patronised by almost all the big countriea of the world—Russia, U.S.A. and Canada. The Government Department, like Health, Irrigation and Defence too had big pavilions of their own. I went to see this exhibition my parents. We went there by bus. The bus dropped us a little away from the main gate. I looked round. All that I saw greatly interested me. The gate itself looked like a piece of art. It was beautifully painted.

In the meantime father came with the tickets and we went in. There was a big map of the exhibition near the gate. We set out in one direction. There were stalls of several factories. Adas Cycle Company was attracting large crowds of people. There was a statue pedalling a cycle. The Tata Iron and Steel Co. had displayed heavy machinery manufactured by them. The Assam Oil Co. demonstrated? various processes of drilling and refining oil.

Next we moved on to the pavilions representing the various states of India. The pavilion of the Gujarat state was the best of all. There were glass tanks in which fish of different colours, moved to and fro. The pavilion of Kerala state displayed carvings on coconut rinds.

The Defence Pavilion of the Government was also a great attraction. It contained arms and ammunitions manufactured in the country. In the Science pavilion were displayed the peaceful uses to which atomic energy could be put. Among the pavilions put up by foreign countries, the Russian and the American pavilions attracted large crowds. They exhibited the wonderful progress which these countries had made in science and industries. The ‘Flying car’ in the American pavilion amazed14 the people.


Now it was evening. So we went to the amusement part. My younger brother had a joy ride on a merry-go-round Then we had some refreshment. We relaxed for some time on the bank of the man-made lake Then we came out. The visit had been most instructive.

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