Essay on a Walk by the Riverside


Walking is a greatrelaxation with many people. They find it necessary after their mental work and mental exhaustion. It also gives them health and happiness. But a walk by the riverside is healthier and happier.


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It gives more health:


Walking is the best exercise. But the best effect of exercise lies in a walk by the riverside. Because the cool breeze of the river is fresh and full of oxygen. It is, no doubt, an additional gift. In order to avoid drudgery and monotony of walking alone, you may take a friend or two with you. But if you are a man of philosophic temperament to like solitude and thoughtfulness, you may walk alone enwrapped with your own vision and imagination. mahatma Gandhi too, used to walk by seaside and riverside, sometimes alone and sometimes with visitors and press-reporters.

It gives more pleasure:

The breeze of the river is a tonic both for body and mind. Our minds are filled with pleasure when we walk by the riverside. The river herself is a sweet phenomenon of nature. Her blue curls of rippling, her sweet melodious music, her stray boatmen plying on her water have a delighting effect on our minds. Our minds, under such effects, get purged of all agony and sadness and feel lighter than a feather in the air.



Morning and evening are the best hours for a walk by the riverside. The rosy color of the sunrise and scenery of the setting sun bring to us a wealth of pleasure. A walk by the riverside may best be taken in a moonlit night if there  is no any kind of natural apprehension.


Needless to say that a walk by the riverside is cool and refreshing. It is full of health and happiness. Hence, a walk by the riverside, in morning or evening, should be made a habit with our school children.

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