Essay on An Accident in which I was Involved

Once I was involved in an accident and whenever I recollect it I feel a cold shudder creeping- down my spine. I like to forget it but it often hurts me like a nightmare. This is how it happened. It was a Sunday. I was travelling by a mini bus. I was going to the railway station to receive some of my friends who were arriving for sightseeing. The driver was dead drunk. He was driving the bus at break-neck speed. Most of the passengers requested him to drive slowly but he turned a deaf ear to their requests and warnings.

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As we neared Faiz road turning, we saw a truck coming form the opposite direction. The driver of our bus was driving in the middle of the road. He, therefore, got confused. He gave a quick turn to the left. As the bus was moving at a high speed, he lost control over the steering. Luckily I was sitting near the emergency window. When I saw the collision was inevitable. I opened the emergency window and jumped out of the running bus. Except receiving a few bruises, I escaped unhurt.

Both the vehicles dashed into each other. There was a loud crash. Our bus fell on one side and then turned turtle. I crawled to the spot. I heard shrieks and cries from the passengers inside the bus. They were trapped inside and could not come out without some assistance.


Soon a large crowd gathered there and started rescue work. Within a few minutes all the passengers were taken out of the ill-fated bus. The driver of our bus died on the spot. The injured passengers lay helpless on the ground. A newly married bride whose husband had been killed was weeping bitterly. Her wails were heart-rending. It was a shocking sight.

Some one rang the flying squad. Within a few minutes the squad arrived with the ambulance. The injured and the dead bodies were removed to the hospital. The driver of the truck absconded. The police inspector recorded the statement of the passengers about the cause of the accident. It was a horrifying scene. Even now the shrieks and wails haunt my memory.

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