Essay on an Evening at a Cinema

I received some friends the other day. They expressed their desire to see some good movie. I readily agreed. I, therefore, went to the cinema hall in the locality and purchased five tickets for the evening show. The picture running at the cinema was Raj Kapoor’s ‘Boot-Polish’—a very old picture with a social theme. It was still attracting big crowds.

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After taking our tea with light refreshment1 we set out. The cinema-hall presented a nice look. It was fitted with the most modern appliances. The picture-gallery at the entrance showed the pictures of the film to be released next.

My friend from Ajmer cast a look all around. The illumination, the decoration of the hall, the stalls around—and everything there attracted him. In the meantime the matinee-show was over. The people trooped out. It was a vast crowd indeed. In ten minutes, the hall was empty.


Now rang the bell. We went in. Soon the hall was full. At 6-15 P.M., the lights were all switched off and advertisements appeared on the screen. This was followed by a news-reel and a documentary, on the methods of keeping safe from malaria.

The main picture “began at 6.30 P.M. It was soul stirring. Some of the scenes were tragic. The wanderings of the poor orphans in rain and thunder, the way they made their living by polishing shoes, their hatred for begging, the imprisonment of the brother and the helplessness of the sister-all this brought tears into our eyes. It set us thinking. We thought how cruel the people of the world are.

The picture was not without scenes of light entertainment. They helped in toning down the tragic atmosphere. The picture was very interesting. It kept us spell bound. The scenes, setting and photography were of a high order. The picture was on the whole a good entertainer. The picture was over at 9 P.M. We all came out and went to our houses.

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