Essay on an incident

I am an early riser. I, therefore, get ready before others and go out for a long morning walk. One morning while I was going on the road, I saw a truck going at full speed. I could not understand why the truck was going so fast and at such an early hour. But soon I noticed that it was being hotly pursued by a police van. The van was gaining upon the truck every moment.

It was sure the van would overtake .the truck. The truck-driver also noted this. Seeing no way of escape he turned the truck to one side. The police van rushed, past it and then stopped. There was a slope. The truck skidded. The driver lost control. The truck struck against a tree and turned upside down.

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I ran towards the place of the accident. The police party also reached the spot. The driver of the truck was badly injured and lay in a pool of blood. People gathered on the spot. The police cordoned off the lace and began to search the truck. The truck was loaded with smuggled goods. The police had come to know of it and had followed it.


It was full of valuable goods. But for the alertness of the Excise Department, the truck would have safely crossed the border. The police inspector interrogated the driver. The driver who was also the owner of the truck, did not say anything. He was taken into custody. The goods were confiscated. I came back home. I learnt afterwards that the driver was first kept in the police hospital and challenged. The authorities found him guilty and he was sentenced to five years’ rigorous imprisonment for his anti-social activity.

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