Essay on an Indian Soldier


An Indian soldier is famous for his valour and military genius. The Indians call him a Jawan. A Jawan is really the backbone of the Indian army.

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How he is recruited:


An Indian soldier is recruited by the recruiting offices. He is recruited on the basis of physical fitness and necessary age and education. The selection is very strict. if he is selected he is enrolled in one of the arms and services of the army. There are arms and services like Infantry, Artillery, Engineers, Signalers, Armored  Corps, Army Service Crops and so on. After selection, he goes to one of the training centers to get military training.

How he is trained:

In the training centre, he gets basic military training like drill, physical training and weapon training. He is trained in range practices, bayonet-fighting and handling of explosives like grenades and mortars. Here we find the recruit in his gray uniform, heavy black boots, a jungle hat and a rifle slung over his shoulder. Everyday he takes four hours, training. From  (6-30 A.M. to 11 A.M.) in rifle-shooting, firing and throwing grenades, climbing a rope, negotiation a rope bridge, crawling and bayonet charge. There are occasional route-marches to maximum of 25 miles. negotiating a rope bridge is to walk upon  a rope the ends of which are tied to the branches of two trees. Besides he learns three Rs, map-reading, current affairs, civics, bayonet training, rifle, light machine-gun, grenade, field craft and jungle training, battle assault courses, physical training, route marches, games and drill. His trainings, becomes complete when he takes part in a mock battle. Then he is attended at a special parade. It is known as Kasam Parade. The recruit takes an oath on his religious book, to serve the nation and to lay down his life, if need be in upholding the nation’s honour.

After completing this six months, training the recruit becomes a soldier. Then he is posted to a battalion or regiment. Here he undergoes further training.


His service period:

An Indian soldier is enrolled for a period for 7 to 12 years of colour service and 8 to 10 years of reserve service. When he is in active service, he gets opportunities for promotion to higher ranks.


The Indian soldier is famous for his high moral and high standard of discipline and for his matchless velour and great military genius. He is accustomed to a life of hardship and discipline. He guards our frontier. He defends our country. he saves us from the external aggression. In peace time, he does many a social service. In war-time, he dedicates his life for his country and nation. Let us think, how much were are indebted to our sturdy Jawans.

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