Essay on an Unwelcome Guest

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Unexpected visitors are very troublesome because they come at odd hours. They come with the suddenness of a calamity and make as miserable. A few such unexpected visitors we had the other day. I had just come from school. My father had not yet arrived from office. My mother was in the kitchen preparing tea for us. All of a sudden the bell rang. There was a loud knock.

I ran to the door. I opened it and lo! I saw a man with a number of children. There stood in the comer a woman. She seemed to be their mother. The gentleman informed me that his wife was a distant relative of my mother. They had come to Delhi to see the Republic Day celebrations. I took them in and asked them to sit. I ran to my mother and broke the unwelcome news to her. My mother was taken a back. She never expected anyone, not at least a gentleman and a lady with half a dozen children. Asking me to take my cup of tea, she ran to the drawing room to see for herself who the visitors were.


To her utter surprise she found that the lady was a distant cousin, one who had married a Youngman of her choice and had left the country for good. To see her back again was the one thing she had never dreamt of.

Hospitality is the trait of Indian character. Unmindful of the discomfort they would cause her, she set to making her new guests as comfortable as her poor means allowed. It was evening. Father returned home. He was also surprised to see his little house ringing11 with playful voices of children. My mother had, in the meantime, got the dinner ready and announced that we should all get ready for it.

We all sat round the table and had our dinner. The guests did full justice to it. They praised it highly. My mother was glad to hear it but she knew how much she had worked to get it ready. Those were winter days. The guests had no luggage—not even a blanket. We could hardly spare two beds and these we placed at their disposal.

The night passed somehow. We came out of our beds. Mother set to getting the breakfast ready. While we were at the table, the guests announced that they would stay for a few-days more. They said that it was their first visit to Delhi.


We were all dumb founded to hear this. There was no alternative but to bow to their wish. I was asked to accompany the guests on their sight-seeing. The guests took full three days to go round all the places of historical interest and then went away. It was a great relief to all of us to get rid of them.

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