Essay on Behavioural Technology

Psychology is the science of behaviour. It studies the nature and structure of behaviour of the organisms. The learning is the modification of behaviour through activities and experiences.

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The educational activities are designed to bring desirable changes in the behaviour of the students. The psychology deals with every type of human behaviour. Thus, the behavioural technology has wider scope.

It covers the area of industry, defense, commerce, communication, administration, health, motivation, training education, teaching and instruction.


The teaching and instruction activities are organised to achieve specific learning objectives by bringing desirable behavioural change among the students. Thus, teaching and instructional technology are two forms of behavioural technology. But in the field of education it refers mainly to the teacher behaviour.

The behavioural technology is the application of scientific knowledge in modifying the teacher behaviour. Thus it is also termed as training technology. Assumptions of Behavioural Technology

The behavioural technology is based on the following assumptions:

1. Teacher behaviour is observable.


2. Teacher behaviour is measurable and quantifiable.

3. Teacher behaviour is relative.

4. Teacher behaviour is social and psychological.

5. Teacher behaviour is modifiable.


Characteristics of Behavioural Technology

1. The specific teaching skills can be developed.

2. It helps in developing the theory of teaching.

3. The achievement of teaching can be evaluated objectively and in a systematic manner.

4. Feedback devices can be used for the improvement of communication skills.

5. The individual differences of pupils and teacher can be tackled.

6. The knowledge and practice of behavioural technology may be an important instrument for training colleges to produce effective teachers.

7. In class-room, behaviour technology concentrates on elements of behaviour.

8. In behavioural technology the theory and practice of class­room teacher behaviour are included.

9. In it mechanism of feedback devices for modification of teacher behaviour are also employed for developing teaching skills.

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