Essay on Book-Bank


Books are the best medium of education. Without books no students can get education, worth the name. But books have become so costly that a large majority of students cannot afford to buy even their text-books, what to speak of reference. Hence, the necessity of book-banks has emerged.

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A book bank is opened generally in a school or a college for its own students. The students get a loan of books for an educational year by paying a nominal percentage of price of the books borrowed. These books are returned to the book-bank after the due term is over.


The authorities of a book-bank should see that all the text-books necessary are purchased in the multi-number, so that all the poor and needy students will be equally benefited. On the other hand, the borrowing students should see that the books borrowed by them are handled with care so that these will not be soiled or spoiled or maimed or tampered or disfigured in any way.



The idea of book-bank is not a new innovation. Since the beginning of the modern era it is well-known to the western people. Not, it is a common sight in all the advanced countries of the world. But a big country like India has been lacking this facility. However, now it is very heartening to see that the Government of India and all the Indian State Governments are taking keen initiative to open book-banks. A lot of book-banks have been opened in a lot of institutions. Many philanthropic people are also generously donating huge amount of money to open such bank. So it is hoped that within a short space of time all schools and colleges of India will be covered by this scheme and very soon, no school and no college in India will be found without a book-bank.

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