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Before the invention of printing machine, books were written by hands only. Hence there were not many books then. After the invention of printing machine, books have come out in large numbers. Books are now so numerous that the world has been overburdened with books. Such is the opinion of an eminent figure.

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Kinds of books:


There are now many classes and sub-classes of books. Hence, we find prose, poetry and drama. In prose, we find essay, fiction, novel, short story and so on. In poetry we find epic, sonnet, lyric, ballad, musical poem an so on. In drama we find one-act play, multi-act play, dramas for staging and so on. Different books deal with different subjects. There are books on literature, politics, science, philosophy and ethics. There are also professional books for the men of profession and the course books of the students. There are books for fun and humor. There are light readers and readers for serious study.

Choice of books:

It is said that the world is overburdened with books. One cannot read all the books in his life time and also all the books are not worth-reading. Hence, choice of books is very important for us. We should seek the advice of learned men to choose the books for study.



Usefulness of books can never be challenged. Voltaire, a French Philosopher said in the 18the century. “Books rule the world”, and he is right. Books are our never-failing friend. Books are our friend, philosopher and guide. Books are mightier than machine guns and than atom bombs too. Books are the store-house of knowledge. We have many problems in our life. While reading good books we come across solutions to them.


We all have realized the benefit of books. Hence, we should make libraries of good books for ourselves. Students should take interest in good books and make the best use of them. They should turn themselves into voracious readers and should try to finish as many books as possible during their student days.

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