Essay on co-operation


A man has got limited abilities. He cannot do great things without the co-operation of others. The principle of co-operation can be applied to all levels of our activities. Thereby our task becomes easier. Hence, we should encourage co-operation among ourselves and tell others its values.


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Co-operation makes our task easier because the difficulties of a task are distributed over all the men co-operating. People co-operating with others can do great things. The work which a man is unable to do singly, can do it with the co-operation of others. Hence, co-operation is very useful for us.

The method of co-operation in the modern time:

In the modern times, people co-operate with one another on an organized basis. They co-operate with one another through co-operative society, co-operating farming limited company, trade union congress, association, union, federation and the like. Co-operative society is very useful for the people. A co-operative consumers shop saves it members form the mischief of brokers and the middle men. A co-operative lending society saves its members form the shylocks. A co-operative industrial society gives better advantages to its members. People can start important village-industries through co-operative societies. The farmers do co-operative farming to their advantages. Trade union congress is a co-operation among the factory labourers. The factory labourers try to increase their efficiency and establish their rights. They do all these by co-operating among themselves through the Trade Union Congress. These are a few example of modern method of effecting co-operation. It is also very encouraging to find two countries to develop highly through the process of friendship and co-operation. Our mother-country India, too has economic co-operation with the friendly states.



Co-operation is the basis of all development works. The advanced countries are making marked progress through co-operation. India should quickly take up the modern methods of co-operation for carrying out all her gigantic programmes.

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