Essay on Consumer Protection Movement.

Beforehand, the consumers had no organisation to save themselves from the exploitation of the business community. The businessmen were taking to hoarding, profiteering and price-rise.

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They were taking to adulteration of every article they sold. They were cheating the consumers in very many ways. They were cheating the consumers in weight and measurement too. As the consumers had no organisation, they couldn’t save themselves from the terrible greed of the business community. Hence, it was felt that the consumers should have an organisation for themselves. Consequently the ‘All-India Consumers’ Association was formed.

Government initiative:


Though the interested philanthropic persons encouraged the consumers to form an organisation for themselves, the Government is not less responsible for the formation of such an organisation. IN 1986 the Government of India passed a law for the benefit of the consumers. This law is known as the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Accordingly the Government has formed the Central Consumer Protection council. The State consumer protection council and some consumer disputes Redressal Agencies like The National Commission, the state Commission, The consumer Disputes Redressal forum known as District Forum established by the State Government in each district of the State. The objects of the Central council (The central consumer protection council) are to promote and protect the rights of the consumers.

The duty of a consumer:

If a manufacturer sells defective article to a consumer, the consumer should at once file a complaint at the district forum. If a shop-keeper or a seller sells adulterated article, the consumer should at once file a complaint against that shop-keeper of seller. If a shop-keeper or seller takes undue higher price from a consumer for any article sold, the consumer should at once file a complaint. If a shopkeeper or a seller cheats a consumer in weight and measurement, the consumer should at once file a complaint at the District Forum against that shopkeeper or seller.



Through ages together, the consumers had been long neglected and has been cheated right and left, then had been exploited by the businessmen in all possible ways. Now we are glad that the consumer protection movement has been launched and the consumers have formed a protective organisation for themselves known as ‘All India Consumers’ Association and that the people of good sense and the Government of the country are helping the consumers in protecting their rights.

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