Essay on cyclone

A cyclone is a very violent storm. It never comes alone. Heavy showers of rain, thunder and lightning are its companions. When a cyclone blows, it moves round and round in the form of small circles. It always changes its course when it blows. It does not move in the same direction like an ordinary storm. It occurs mostly in the warm parts of the world. India is in this region of the world. Hence cyclones often blow over her. In cold countries there is no cyclone.

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The signs of a cyclone

There are some signs of the blowing of a cyclone. A low pressure is created in the sea. The weather becomes very hot. There is not a breath of wind. Patches of dark clouds gradually spread in the sky. At last, the sky become dark. A storm sets in. The wind then begins to blow violently. From these we can understand that a cyclone will begin.


The actual cyclone

Then it rains very heavily. Flashes of lightning are seen. Thunders begin to peal loudly. The wind begins to blow furiously. It blows forward forming circles. There is a roaring noise. The wind continues to blow for some hours. Sometimes it continues for a day or two. Such terrible cyclones happened in September 1918 before the Pujas and in November 1988.

Its effect

The effect of the blowing of a cyclone is terrible. Big trees fall down. Roofs of houses are blown away. Many a house is destroyed. Many a man is killed. The water of the river rises. There are huge waves in the river. Many boats sink down. Many men are drowned. Sometimes steamers are also sunk. Everywhere dead bodies of men and beasts are found. Crops are destroyed. People suffer much. They become homeless and helpless. There is scarcity of food. Famine breaks out. This miserable condition of the people cannot be fully described. Other people then try to help them with money, food, medicine and clothes.



The cyclone is a terrible evil. Man has no power to prevent it. But people may be warned beforehand that there will be a cyclone.

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