Essay on daily routine

An essay on daily routine.

At home in the morning—I am a student. So I spend the day in a simple way. I get up from bed early in the morning. First, I do my morning duties. I wash my face and brush my teeth. I take great care of my teeth, because bad teeth are a sign of bad health. Then I take a little physical exercise. After taking exercise I go out for a walk in the open field. There I breathe pure morning air. My mind and body are both refreshed. Then I return home. I say my short prayer.

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After breakfast I sit down to prepare my school tasks. I have no tutor. My father teaches me now and then. My elder brother also helps me if he finds time. I finish my studies at about 9 A. M. Then I get ready for bath. I rub my body well with oil. This is good for health. I bathe in a pond near our house. I can swim well. But my time is short. So I swim only for a short time. I rub my body with towel. I enjoy the bath very much. Finishing my bath, I dress myself and sit down to my meal. When the meal is over, I take a little rest and then start for school with my books. On the way, I often meet some of my classmates and together we go to school.


At school at noon—The classes begin at eleven. I am never late in attending school. We have got seven periods. Different subjects are taught during these periods. I always try to listen to my teachers in the class. After the fourth period we get half an hour for recreation and tiffin. I take some tiffin and play with my friends. The school closes at 4 P.M. I do not wait a minute after school hours. I come back home quickly without stopping on the way.

At home in the afternoon—Returning home, I put my books in the proper place. Then! put off my school dress. After washing my hands and feet I take my tiffin. I do not read in the afternoon. So after taking my tiffin, I go out to play. I am very fond of playing football. I also play ha-du-du.

At night—Usually I return home before it is dark. Sometimes I am late and my father rebukes me for that. On returning home I wash my hands and feet. Then I sit down to prepare my lessons for the next day. I take my supper at about 9-30 P. M. I go to bed shortly after taking my meal.

On Sundays and holidays—On Sundays and other holidays I do not follow this routine. In the morning I read for some time. I wash my clothes with soap on these days. I take my midday meal a little later than I take on the week days. After that I play some indoor games and then prepare my home tasks. In the afternoon, I play as usual and, sometimes, I go out for a long* walk with my friends.

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