Essay on Democracy and its future in India

According to the age-old definition of Democracy, it is the Government of the people, by the people and for the people. In its broad sense, it is a Government of the people run by their elected representatives.

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Democracy is a way of life in which we follow certain ideals of life. In India we follow the constitution framed by the elders at the time of the Independence of the country. It is based on the sacredness of human personality and the dignity of labour.

Respect for the individual is the moral basis of a democratic society and this is amply incorporated in the Constitution of India. Ours is a parliamentary democracy which, to all intents and purposes, is the best means for the expression of the popular will. The elected representatives of the people run the Government. They can even amend the Constitution by a majority vote. Elections are held after every five years and the people exercise the power to remove their representative by the use of ballot.


In the Indian Constitution every adult of the age of twenty one (now 18) has the right of vote. As most of the voters are uneducated, there is the danger of their being misled by false religious and political propaganda.

Members of the Parliament should therefore be carefully chosen. They should know the Constitution of the country and they must have the courage to speak out their mind.

A Government is truly democratic when it allows freedom of thought and speech to the opposition. Again the Indian Constitution has given some basic rights to the people which the government cannot violate.

The Indian Democracy based, as it is on the proper understanding of the people, has indeed a bright future. The recent elections have demonstrated that the people are deeply conscious of their civic and political rights and no party or individual leader can take them for granted or turn them to their side by undemocratic methods.

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