Essay on discipline in life

Discipline is the very basis of the society. It is one of the essentials of life. Corporate life is impossible without it. Man is a social being. It is in his nature to live in groups. He helps others by sacrificing some of his own interests. He learns to live in discipline.

The Discipline of Discipline - Why We All Need A Little Discipline ...

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Discipline is of great importance in all spheres of life. A child obeys his parents; for without it life at home will become miserable. A student has to observe discipline in school; otherwise no work will be possible. Discipline is necessary in the playground too. The players must work in team spirit or they will lose the match.

Discipline is the very breath of the army. A soldier has to obey his officer in every situation. He cannot question whether the order of his officer is wrong. He has to march forward even though there might be danger to his life. He must face death if need be, in the discharge of his duties. There is no going back.


Even birds and beasts observe discipline. Animals move in a herd. They obey the leader. Birds fly in an orderly manner. Honey bees move in a swarm and follow the queen bee. The sun, the moon and the stars move in their spheres and do not move an inch away from their paths.

In the complex life of today it is discipline which is needed the most. Life is a struggle and hence no time is to be wasted. At the booking-office windows, in buses and elsewhere man cannot waste time in quarrels. Elbowing out another from the queue is taking a mean advantage over the fellow. It is wasting of time and energy. Such things are not possible in a disciplined society. Where people will form themselves in queues. Everyone will have regard for the time of the other.

Discipline can be best learnt when we are going. It is at school that we first learn to remain under discipline. It is at school that we learn to follow the rules and conduct ourselves according to them without the least grumbling. “First obey and then command”, is a very apt saying. It is there that we develop in ourselves regard for the convenience of others.

We must, however, guard against one thing. We should not push discipline too far. We are not machines. Too rigid or too mechanical a discipline will cut at the root of all initiative. Free thinking and free action will disappear.

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