Essay on Dress


Dress in next to food in the order of our necessities. The use of dress is traced back to the primitive period. Man began to use leaf and bark as his first loin cloth. With the growth or our civilization dress has come to the present position.

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It is said that men and women use dress to save themselves from wind and cold. But it is not all. They use dress as a social taste. So, use of dress has become a matter of custom. One can move in the society in a starved condition. But one cannot come naked before the public. Rather food is next to dress under such circumstances.


Kinds of dress:

people of different countries, use different kinds of dress. This difference is mainly due to different climatic conditions. People of cold countries use warm dress made of wool and skin. People of hot countries use cool dress made of cotton, silk and flask. India is a epitome of the world. Here in India we find all kinds of climate and all kinds of people. So, the Indians differ in dress from place to place. But the educated Indians, like to wear English type of dress. Now, many new kinds of dress made of new kinds of substance have come into fashion.

Usefulness of dress:

It is an indispensable social condition to use some kind of dress. Because one cannot live naked in the society. In order to be civilized we will have to wear a reasonable coverage. In Europe good dress is the first condition for being a gentleman. Dress adds to our personality. A man with a smart dress is better appreciated in a service-interviews. A man with better dress psychologically feels better. Dress saves us from the torture of weather.



We should use clean dress. Dirty wears should always be discarded. Dress should fit to our position. We should use dress according to our profession or position. Otherwise we will not be appreciated. Rather we will be laughed at. A student should not use an officer’s dress. A student’s dress should be plain, simple and polite. People should use the dress which is possible within their means. Otherwise they will run into debts and will be ruined. Dress is important, no doubt. So, we should put wisdom, thought and consideration when we make dress for ourselves.

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