Essay on Duties of Students in Free India

‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ sounds true when applied to students. Student life is the seed-time of life. If we are trained on right lines and taught good manners and patriotism we shall prove an asset to our society and country. On the other hand if students are allowed to drift, they will become a nuisance to society. Unrest among students is one of the serious problems of the day. Students as a class cannot be ignored.

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Cinema-going, use of unfair means in examinations and educated unemployment are the main causes of indiscipline and unrest among students. Students should not be made tools of politics. These innocent ones are instigated to raise slogans, to go on strikes and to take out processions to serve the ends of politicians. Since students are the future hopes of a free country, they should be inspired to work hard and devote themselves to studies in right earnest. They should give up unfair means and the use of short-cut methods to serve their ends.

The parents, the teachers and the guardians—ail should bring home to the students that ‘honesty’ and industry alone will pay them in life. Sacrifice and defense of country should be their motto. ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’, so students should be asked to move among honest, cultured and gentle people and not among lazy or wicked fellows who are addicted to drugs.


Let students give up bad habits and pick up all that is good. Students should be taught nationalism and patriotism. They should be inspired to do social-service and to work as true patriots. Diligence among students can work wonders. Diligence can make up deficiency in memory or intellect. Let students be trained for the role of useful citizens of society and country.

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