Essay on Educational Guidance

The most important type of the various types of guidance is educational guidance. Educational guidance is directly concerned with the pupil. In the student life, educational guidance is very important.

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The chief aim of educational guidance is to develop the ability of coordinating with the school environment in the pupils and to create necessary awareness and sensitivity so that they may select themselves proper learning objectives, devices and situations.

If we study and analyze Indian conditions, then we shall find the educational guidance is more needed in Indian conditions. Therefore, guidance is considered an integral part of education because educational guidance is viewed in the context of child’s growth.


According to Jones, educational guidance is concerned with that assistance to be provided to the pupils which is expected for their adjustments in the schools, selection of curricula and school-life.

(I) to plan education according to the capacity, interest and resources of the pupil.

(II) To collect information regarding the future possibilities of the pupils.

(III) To be helpful for necessary progress in educational programme.


(IV) To fulfill the needs of the pupils.

Myers has also described educational guidance as a process of creating favourable conditions for the pupil’s development or education. From this point of view, educational guidance is required at each level during the pupil’s education.

For example, educational guidance at primary level, secondary level, at higher secondary level and at college level. Psychological research has also proved that the educational guidance must be given to the pupils at each level.

In order to study educational guidance, we shall have to go through its various aspects. Various aspects of educational guidance have been described in detail in the next units.

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