Essay on Five-Year Plan in India


In the second world war almost all the countries of the world faced a lot of destruction. They had to face the ravage of many new problems coming out of war. So, just before the war was over, the Government thought of post-war reconstruction in their respective countries.


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The British Government of India also had such a plan for India. Moreover, India was an undeveloped country. After the freedom, the national Government of India  wanted to uplift it through proper planning. So, the Government of India introduced five-year plans. The first five-year plan included almost all the recommendations of the post-war reconstruction scheme. These five-year plans are approved by the National Planning Commission.


The Planning Commission was set up in March, 1950. The draft of the first five-year plan was published in July 1951 and it was approved in December 1951.

The first five-year plan:

The first five-year plan laid stress on agricultural development and multipurpose projects. This plan completed its course on 21st march 1956. The over all result of the plan was an increase of about 18 percent in the national income of India. The output of food-grains increased by 20 percent, that of cotton by 45 percent and major oil-seeds by 8 percent. More than sixteen million acres were added to the irrigated land. The output of electricity rose from 6,575 kwh. in 1945-51 to 11 thousand millions in 1955-56.

The second five-year plan:


The draft of the second five-year plan was published in February 1956 and the final plan was approved by the  Parliament in May, 1956. The object of the plan was rapid industrialization with particular emphasis on the heavy industries. This plan also aimed at reduction of inequalities income and wealth. This plan aimed at a large expansion of employment opportunities.

The third five-year plan:

The third five-year plan was a failure. It failed to increase food production and India faced an alarming shortage of food. Then began her fourth five-year plan, this plan aimed at food production and the working out of the short-term projects. It made some curtailment in its expenditure in order to check the rising of prices which was due to inflation. The fifth five-year plan began in April 1974. Thereafter the sixth five-year plan began. Then India passed through the period of seventh five-year  plan. Now India is beginning her eighth five-year plan.



By undertaking five-year plans the undeveloped Russia has now become the first class power in the world. But India is not doing well in the five-year plans. It is due to acute corruption in the ministerial level and among the officers. So, now a huge cry has raised its head all over India against this corruption. The further five-year plans will be successful if corruptions are routed.

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