Essay on football Game for School Students

Last Sunday, I went to see a football match. It was played between our school team and the D.A.V. School team. It was a semi-final match of the District Tournament. Large crowds of students from almost all the schools in the district were present.

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At 5 P.M. sharp, both the teams entered the field. The players were in their school uniforms and looked splendid. There was a big gathering of spectators. The referee blew the whistle. The two captains were called for the toss. Our captain won the toss. The two teams took their sides and the play began.

The game became interesting right from the start. Both the teams struggled hard to have the advantage. The ball was knocked from one part of the field to the other. The teams were evenly matched and none had any scoring. The minutes before the half-time, however, there was a change. The centre-forward of the D.A.V. team gave a nice pass to the right-out.


The right-out carried the ball forward and, clearing through the half-backs of our team, gave a pass to the left-in. It was a grand opportunity for the left-in and he did not miss it. He headed the ball into the goal. We had a fine goal-keeper Mr. Satish. He at once caught the ball in his hands and sent it near the centre line. There was a loud sound of clapping. The crowd shouted “Well done! well saved!” The danger was averted.

In a few minutes, however, our rivals managed to bring the ball close to our goal post. The left-in was more accurate this time. He kicked the ball right into the goal. The goal­keeper was helpless and stood dazed. A goal had been scored.

The crowed cheered lustily. Our team felt a little nervous. Our rivals were very happy. They made several other attacks but our team played a defensive game and did very well in defending their goal-post. Now it was half time. Both the teams changed sides. They refreshed themselves with orange juice.

The second half opened with a brilliant attack from our side. The right-in and the centre-forward changed their positions. They passed the ball from one to the other in such a way that the spectators were amazed. The D.A.V.’s now felt rather uncomfortable. Very soon players cleared the ball through the backs and shot the ball into the goal. It was a clear goal. Now both the teams were equal.


The D.A.V.’s seemed tired. Their right-in and centre-forward, however, made another dash. The ball did not seem to touch the ground at all. Once again they were near the goal. The left-in kicked the ball and scored one more goal. The game now grew dull. The D.A.V.’s now began to kick the ball out of the field. It was all intentional. They wanted to while away the time.

Only two minutes were left now. The D.A.V.’s were happy. They thought that there was no change for their rivals. All at once a penalty was given against the D.A.V.’s. The centre-forward took the penalty kick. The goal-keeper could not check the ball. It was a clear goal once again. Now the time was over. The referee gave the whistle. The match had resulted in a draw. The crowd soon melted away.IT was really a very interesting match.

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