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Match-games are played in order to taste the merit of the players and their teams. Match-games also help in making the games popular with the people at large.

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Match-games of football, volleyball, cricket, hockey, tennis and badminton are played all over the world. Football match was the most common and the most popular of them. But now days the cricket trend is common with the people.



The football match is played between two teams of eleven players each, in a playground which is maximum one hundred and ten meters long and seventy-five meters broad. It is played for ninety minutes with ten minutes break after half-time. It is played under the supervision of a referee, two linesmen and a fourth referee. All the rules of the game of football should be strictly observed by the players in the football match. The referee sees that no rule is broken by any of the players. If a player breaks the rule, he is punished under law of the game by the referee. The decision of the referee is final and nobody can question it. The football matches played at the particular place and time, Proclaimed previously. The referee must be a man of high caliber and personal integrity. He must have been well versed and well-conversant with all the rules and technicalities of the game and the match-game of football. He must be just and impartial.

The football match is generally attended by a large number of onlookers. Hence, there happens a great noise in the football field. In the final match cups, running cups, shields, certificates are given to the successful players or to their teams.

A football match that you saw:


Last year, I saw a football match which was played between two teams of Cuttack at the Barabati Stadium. About five thousand spectators cam to see this match. I too, booked a seat on the gallery. This football match was quite interesting. Both the teams were equal in merit. Each party tried to charge a goal on the other. Each party tried to save their position from the other. Neither party could be defeated and neither of them could win the victory. But the game was well-contested and the onlookers raised an uproar whenever they found a crisis. At last, this football match ended in a draw Mr. N. Mohapatra was the referee in the match-game. He could manage it quite well. It was very much impressed by the mutual understanding of the players in each team. The players were as swift as lightning.


A football match is no doubt very interesting to see. It is more interesting to be a player in a football match. there are some famous organizations that organize the match-games of football. The Inter-provincial National Football Federation is one of such organizations in India. There are also well-known prizes like Santosh Trophy, Federation Cup for match-games match is going to be placed on a firm footing in India. Recently, five-a-side football match has been introduced in India. The first match-game was played in Calcutta.

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