Essay on Freedom – Eternal Vigilance is basic to freedom

It is common knowledge that people are extra cautious and alert in protecting their valuables; They keep unceasing watch and never take a chance with regard to what is precious to them, A hard earned thing is always considered as precious and one does everything within his power to safeguard it. There are innumerable instances to show that people have sacrificed their life in protecting their precious things.

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Freedom donates a state in which a people feel that they are not under the subjugation of any external power. In 1947 India achieved her freedom from the British imperialism and tier people breathed in free air. With that people of India became their own masters. They got the authority to decide about their future. People of India had to struggle hard for their freedom. The struggle was long and full of sufferings. Many sacrificed their life; still greater numbers were imprisoned and tortured. The valiant freedom fighters ultimately succeeded. A freedom won after so much of bloodshed is very precious to us. We must not let it slip out of our hands at any cost.

To keep this freedom intact is still more a difficult task. There are instances to show that people have lost their freedom. Let us be on the guard. The imperialist power who exploited our country for centuries may be waiting for a chance to enslave us again. There may be a direct and open aggression on us; there may be a conspiracy to cripple our economy to force our submission. We may fall a prey to neo-colonialism. We all know the ways of expansionists. They will make desperate attempts to place us in a tight corner so that they may force us to accept their terms. We are a sovereign country, but they would like us to barter our sovereignty. Such attempts are on and we should never allow their nefarious motives fructify.


The expansionist powers in the world, when unsuccessful in their ulterior motives, create problems, engineer internal disturbances and destabilization and even coupd’et at to overthrow duly established government. We come across such incidents taking place in various parts of the world. There seems to be a global strategy to sabotage the long cherished freedom of the people. From Chile to Bangladesh and beyond one can see how these forces of destabilization have manipulated the situation in different independent countries in the third world. These forces are active in myriad invisible ways always attempting to introduce factors of destabilization in country’s political and economic structures. No external force, howsoever strong, which seeks to sabotage our freedom and impede our progress can succeed if we are united, disciplined and above all vigilant.

Then, there may be some communal and selfish forces within the country which may allow themselves to be used by foreign forces as tools of their conspiracy. Such covetous elements plays the game of enemies of the country. They unfortunately do not know the result of their anti-national operations. In the past they have done a great harm to the country; again they are trying to raise their heads. We should remain vigilant and expose the designs of their evil intention and frustrate their efforts.

Last but not the least is the need for guarding against the coercive force of the state which curbs our liberty so essential for making our country a truly vibrant democracy. It is a common experience that when Government in a free country, fails to deliver the goods and have consequently to face the wrath of the people, it tries to curtail or restrict the basic rights of the citizens. In democracies, people have a right to vote or change a repressive of inefficient government. This right of the people is basic, but many governments slowly erode this right of the people only to cover their failures. Such governments divert the attention of people from their incompetence and misdeeds. Let us not be taken in &y the cover-up propaganda. In our own country we have seen that a bogy of foreign hand was raised to divert the attention of the people to cover up the misuse of authority and total mismanagement of the affairs of the state. Measures were adopted to restrict the basic freedoms and liberties. There was reign of terror and suffocation. Curbs were placed on public meetings and demonstration—the very fundamental of free democratic life. Press was brought under censorship. People were prevented from going to court for enforcement of their fundamental rights. All freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution were under duress. People must remain vigilant against such blatant outrage of their basic civic and political freedoms.

It is, therefore, utmost necessary to guard against such powers and forces both in and outside the country, which are out to destroy our freedom and liberties earned through so much of sacrifices. Such an eternal vigilance is a must.

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