Essay on Frugality


Some people earn money. But they do not know how to spend it judiciously. Some of them squander away the money. They are called prodigal or spendthrift people. For this they suffer a lot in their life. They cannot get money at the time of need. They cannot give their sons education. They cannot give their daughters in marriage. They run into debts. They lose all and at last they are on the street.

Frugality as a Challenge - Saving Advice Articles

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How to be frugal:


Frugality means to spend the earning judiciously. There is a saying “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. So, our expenditure must not go beyond the amount of income. Also our expenditure must not cover all our income. Because we will have to save a good amount against any unforeseen situation. In future, we will have to give our daughters in marriage. Our sons may fall seriously ill. Our members may grow and we may have to build more houses. We may have to face litigation set by our enemies. For all these we must have to save a good amount of money for our day to day income. So, we will have to spend our money judiciously in order to make a saving out of it. For this we will have to prepare a monthly budget for ourselves. Frugality does not mean miserliness. Frugality is a virtue. But miserliness is a vice. Miserliness means the psychology of all income and no expenditure. Frugality means a sense of proportion.

Advantage of frugality:

Frugality has got a lot of advantages for us. A frugal person never runs into debt. He enumerates his most essential needs. So, he never fails in want. he never needs to trouble his relatives or friends to get a loan of money. He is never a slave to anybody. Hence, he has social respect and social standing. In the Bible there is a parable about a frugal father and his prodigal son. The father had two sons. The younger son was prodigal. He took his share of property and went to a far country. There he spent away all his money on riotous living. There broke out a famine. So, he could not get anything to eat. He joined a citizen of that country and tended his swine. He had to eat the husks from the swine. He suffered a lot. He repented. He thought that his father’s servant had bread enough and to spare, but he was dying with hunger. So, he rose up and went to his father to beg him to be a servant in his father’s house.



Everybody has to learn a lot from the Bible story narrated above. Frugality is the most necessary quality for each and every person. The students should practice frugality at their every walk of life.

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