Essay on Grandmother

Being the eldest member of the family after my grandfather passed away, she was the one to teach us how to live together and how to respect others in the family as well as outside.

Her tales and anecdotes used to be quite interesting as she would tell about her childhood her friends and the kind of fun she had with them playing in the fields.

She would tell about her parents, her house and her family which had 3 elder brother and 2 younger sisters. She would always have incidents to tell that would make me laugh and feel the warmth of our relationship always.

She would cook for me and I would always ask her to prepare my favorite dishes which were the most delicious with so many ingredients. She was quite hard working and was busy always with one thing or the other to do.

She would take me to the temple in the evening where she would chant prayers and sing hymns and I would join her. She would tell me the kind of school she went to and how infrastructure was not so advanced like it is today.

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She always loved to meet people and make friends. Even though she was on regular medication for some health problems that set up with growing age, she meticulously did all the household chores and was believed in God very firmly.

Her humility, patience, caring and compassionate nature made me feel proud of her as she was an excellent human being who never gave up in tough times and taught me to be brave and face all challenges and hardships in life very firmly and positively. Her spectacled face carrying a smile is still alive in my mind when she is no more.

Her generous nature made me wonder how one could be so selfless. She would whole heartedly welcome all the guests and relatives coming to our place and serve them generously even if they never cared to ask about her health. With her, I felt that the world was really an excellent place to be and live and one could never feel depressed or lonesome.


Even during her last years, when she was bed-ridden with her body half-paralyzed, she did not look frowned anytime. Rather she would greet anyone who came to meet her with a nod as she could hardly speak clearly.

She was a great moral support to me and with her presence in my life, I never had to face disappointment and disgraceful in my life. With her blessings, I have been able to become a person of strong will and good reputation. Her nature has taught me to deal my personal and family life with great passion and wisdom.

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