Essay on Hobby


Man works for others to earn his livelihood. So, he has to work according to the will of others. He cannot do any work after his own heart during the course of his employment. When he gets leisure, he does some work of his own liking. This work is called hobby.


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Different hobbies:


Different people do different kinds of hobby during their leisure. Some write poems. Some draw picture. some collect stamps. Some read light readers. Some people do some kind of experiment. These are a few of the hobbies that many people do. There are many other kinds of hobby too. some are in hobby of writing children’s literature. Some are in hobby of knitting mufflers and so on.

Advantages of hobbies:

Hobbies have got great advantages for the human beings. Great works, great theories and great inventions are the outcome of man’s hobby. Hobbies can give rise to great writers, great painters, great artists, great scientists and everything great. Hobbies engage us during our leisure. So, we make the best use of our leisure time with our hobbies. Hobbies save us from al the vice of idleness. They save us from the bore of no work.



People should make the best use of their leisure with their hobbies. Men should not do their hobbies at random or stray pieces. They should do their hobbies systematically. The systematically done hobby may produce a great thing after a few years. Every student must do some kind of innocent hobby during his leisure. Students have much time in their hands. They get much leisure in their school days and holidays. They should try to develop their natural abilities during the leisure. This will make them great in their future.

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