Essay on Hostel Life

Necessity of hostels

Many students come to read in schools and colleges from distant places. It is not possible for them to come to school and college and go back home daily. Hence they have to live in hostels. Again some guardians prefer that their wards should live in hostels, though their homes are not far off. They think that the atmosphere in a hostel is favorable for studies. Sometimes guardians cannot control their naughty wards at home. So they sent them to hostels. They may be corrected there.

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Description of hostel life

A large number of students live together in a hostel. There are single seated, double-seated and many seated rooms in a hostel. The students have to lead a regulated life here. Generally they have to rise early from bed. Some prefer to take physical exercise in the morning. Having finished their morning duties, they have their breakfast. After this they devote some time to studies. Then they bathe together. They take their meals together in a big dining hall. Then they go to schools and colleges. In the afternoon they come back to the hostel. They take light refreshment. There is a reading room with a library in the hostel. Students may study books and newspapers there. There are arrangements for sports, games and physical exercise in the hostel. Many hostellers take part in these. Some go out for a walk. Some go to make purchases of necessary things. They have to come back to the hostel by a fixed time. The supper also must be finished by a fixed time. Students prepare their lessons before and after supper. There is a superintendent in every hostel. He looks after the students. It is his duty to see whether all the hostelers are present in the hostel at night. Hence he calls the rolls. Students may bring to the notice of the superintendent all about their grievance. There is a sick room in some hostels. A hosteler may fall ill. He is removed there. There is a physician for the hostel. He attends the patients.

Advantages of hostel life


The hostel life is very pleasant. Here many students almost of the same age live together. As a result students of the same nature develop great intimacy among themselves. Sometimes the intimacy lasts for life. There grows a spirit of co-operation and fellow-feeling among them. They help one another in case of need. To earnest students it is a better place for studies. They are free here. At home they have to do some domestic duties. This interferes with their studies. But here in the hostel students can go on with their studies without any such interruption. Sometimes two or three students study together. They discuss their lessons. They can help one another in the matter f studies. This is particularly helpful at the time of examination.

They can remember of thing well by mutual discussion. Students are induced to read when they see that others are reading. In some hostels there are arrangements for debates. This is helpful for a student who desires to develop his power of speech and reasoning. Here many students live together. Naturally they discuss among themselves the current topics of the day. Sometimes social functions are also held in the hostel. Students have to take part in these. These develop in them a sense of responsibility, culture and refinement. In the hostel the students have to take care of their own things. They do not do this at home. In some hostels, students have to clean their dishes also after taking meals. All these develop in them the spirit of self-reliance. Students get money from home for their expenditure. Frugal students manage with that money.

Disadvantage of hostel life

The hostel life has its drawbacks also. The hostelers cannot enjoy the love and affection of their dear ones. They may fall ill. Their friends nurse them carefully. Still they feel the want of the loving care of their parents and other dear relatives. Their guardians have to spend much money. They hope that their wards will study here regularly and do well in the examination. But it is not always the case. Some students spend money lavishly. They borrow money from their friends. This is bad. The superintendent is there to look after the hostelers. But some students do not mind their daily lessons. Sometimes they cause disturbance to earnest students. Thus they do harm to themselves as well as to others. They are away from their parents. They do what they cannot do at home. Their parents are not there to check them. This may lead them to evil ways. To the great sorrow of their guardians such students cannot do well in the examination. At home the food is prepared with great care and it is good. In the hostel much money is charged for food, but sometimes bad meals are served.



There are thus drawbacks, too, in the hostel life. Still it is really a pleasant life. The hostel is a good place for studies. Hence students should remember how their guardians are spending their hand earned money for them. It is their duty to take advantage of the hostel life and do well in the examination.

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