Essay on hot summer day

It was the month of June. Days were getting hotter and hotter. Everyday the newspaper reported the rise in the mercury level. It was said that the whole of north India was in the grip of a severe heat wave. The schools were closed on account of .summer vacation. Most of my friends had gone to the hills. I stayed mostly indoors. The blazing sun outside seemed too terrible to bear.

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One day, however, I received an urgent message. One of my friends had been suddenly taken ill. He was in the hospital and he wanted me to see him. I got ready to go. It was about 10 a.m. The hospital was about six miles away. I went to the bus stand and waited for the bus. I had not to wait long. The bus came and I boarded it. In about an hour I was at the hospital and was sitting beside my friend.

My friend was very ill. I had, therefore, to be by his side till 2 o’clock. Thereafter I set out for home. I never thought it would be so hot outside. I had to wait for quite sometime for the bus. It was now burning hot. The hot gusts of wind seemed to burn me. Fortunately I had a thick towel with me. I wrapped, it round my head and waited. Still I felt very hot. My shoes, my clothes and my whole body, seemed to burn. I thought I was in an oven.


After an hour’s waiting the bus arrived. By this time my patience was exhausted. I rushed into the bus. It was also burning hot. The bus moved. I heaved a sigh of relief. At last I reached Karol Bagh. I stepped down. I had to walk a few furlongs before I reached my house. The roads were all deserted. Birds, beasts and men were nowhere to be seen. Only & pedestrian or two moved in the street. Perhaps they too had as urgent a business as I had.

At last I reached my house. It was a welcome relief to be once more in my room. I set the cooler on. The cool breeze seemed to put life into me. I felt for those who have to be out in this hot weather, particularly the hawkers who moved from street to street selling their goods.

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