Essay on How I Missed the Bus for kids and school students

It was a cold day. I had an engagement in the evening and I wanted to keep it. I, therefore, got ready and set out. Very soon I was at the bus stop. There was already a long queue of passengers. I was at the tail-end. I was told mat a bus had just left out but it had taken only a very few passengers.


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The queue lengthened in size. Still no bus came. In the meantime I looked round. There was a great rush of people in the street. The hawkers were having a roaring business. The shopkeepers, too, had many customers. There was din and noise all around.

The passengers in the queue now grew restless. Some were bound for distant destinations and wanted to be in time. Others like myself had an engagement and wanted to keep it. Still no bus!


All at once there was heard the sound of a horn at a distance. All eyes turned to that side. But lo! to their disappointment it was a private bus carrying children to their school. The crowd grew more and more restive. Some of the passengers in the queue left in disgust. They had no time to wait. They hired taxis and were off to their destinations.

Other stayed behind. I was one of them. I still hoped the bus would come and I would still be in time. Another anxious waiting. I was constantly looking at my watch. The time seemed to be flying away.

At quarter to six a bus did come. People rushed towards it. The queue broke. The bus was already full. The conductor took in only three passengers and then rang the bell. The bus started. I was left behind. I had missed the bus. The people formed the queue once again. I stood puzzled. There were only two alternatives before me. Either I should cancel the engagement or go there by a taxi. I had no mind to do the first. The meeting was a very important one. Fortunately there was a scooter nearby. I hired it and was off to my place of destination.

I reached the place just on time. Had I not taken the decision for another five minutes, there would have been no chance of my being in time. The missing of the bus proved a blessing in disguise to me.

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