Essay on How I Spent My Last Sunday

Sundays are waited for eagerly by most of the people. It is on this day that most of the people, particularly office goers and students, are free to spend the day in the best possible way. It is because of this that bazaars are full and there is a great rush in buses, hotels and cinema shows.

Special Sunday outdoor concert and ice cream social

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Last Sunday I got up early in the morning and accompanied my father to the Railway Station. One of his friends was coming by the morning train. We reached the station in time. The train was on time. My father received his friend. We hired a taxi and drove back home. On the way I requested my father to drop me at the house of one of my friends.

My friend Arun was at the breakfast table. I joined him and enjoyed every dish. I, however, came to know that he was going to the Regal with his two sisters. He requested me to accompany him.


Within half an hour we were at the Regal. We went round the picture gallery. The picture being screened was an English movie. We purchased the tickets and went in. The picture was a hilarious comedy. We enjoyed it. After the show was over, we went to the India Gate. We walked about for sometime. The scene was most enjoyable. At about 2 P.M. we again came to Connaught Place. There we had some refreshment in a restaurant. We walked here and there and enjoyed the beauty of Central Park with its huge lotus4 like fountain.

It was now matinee time, so we went to the Odeon. There was a big crowd at the booking window. It seemed impossible to get tickets. Luckily the manager knew Arun’s father. He managed to get the tickets for us.

We went in, we enjoyed the picture. The scenes, the settings and the music-all pleased us. The picture was over at 6.30 P.M. We came put. We hired a taxi and then set out homewards. lt was quite late when I reached home. The day was truly spent in the best possible way. I wish I could have many such Sundays.

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