Essay on how I was cheated Once

Once I got a bus bound for Shimla. I was in high spirits. It was my first occasion to go to a hill station. The bus started. It was going at a fast speed. By twelve I was nearing Chandigarh—the capital of Punjab and Haryana.

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At Chandigarh we had some passengers. They were all bound for Shimla. They seemed to be happy set of people. They talked and gossiped. It was sitting all alone. I was infected with their jovial nature. I wanted to be on friendly terms with him.

The fellow smiled. He understood that I was a novice. He therefore, wanted to make a fool of me. He came forward. He sat near me. We began to talk. In the course of conversation I came to know that the fellow was a resident of Delhi and was going to Shimla on an excursion1 in the company of his friends. The fellow hinted that they would be putting up in a hotel. Since the landlord was their friend, they were sure they would get a good accommodation.


I, too, was in need for. some accommodation, therefore, requested the gentleman to use his influence and get me a good accommodation at least for a month. The man promised to help me as soon as he reached Shimla. We were at Shimla in the afternoon. It had rained only recently and, therefore, it was rather cold. I gave some money to this new friend as an advance for accommodation and then set about arranging my things.

It was now evening. The fellow did not return. I grew suspicious. I made enquiries at the hotel. I was told that none had so far come to get the accommodation booked. I was stunned. It was a cruel joke the fellow had played on me. I hired a coolie and went out in search of some other accommodation. Soon I got one in an up-to-date hotel.

Although I had to pay much, I was satisfied. While I lay in my bed in the hotel. I remembered the fellow who had cheated me of my money. I was now determined that I would never make a way-side acquaintance. It was a valuable lesson I learnt from the incident.

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