Essay on how scientific inventions have changed our lives

We live in the age of science. People live, move and think in terms of science. Water, air, time and space have been conquered. Man has harnessed the forces of Nature, to his own use.

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Science has helped man to lead a better life than ever before. In all walks of life man has made wonderful progress. It has given us very swift means of communication transport. The steam engine, the motor car and now the airplane have conquered time and space. Man can now travel from one place to another in a short time. A journey of weeks and months is now performed in a few hours.

Then there are the telegraph, the telephone and the wireless. The wireless has made it possible to send messages to any part of the world in the twinkling of an eye. The steamers and the aeroplanes are all fitted with a wireless apparatus so that they can get timely help in danger. The radio has made the dull evenings at home bright. One can hear news, dialogues and speeches from the distant parts of the world while sitting at home. Television, the latest development of Wireless telegraphy, enables people to see the picture as well as hear voices.


Electricity, perhaps the greatest gift of science, has conferred on man many blessings. It is maid-of all work. It works the fans, cooks food, sweeps floors, irons clothes, air-conditions or warms the houses and offices, washes dishes, lights houses, streets and towns, runs trains and buses, works the mills and factories and diagnoses and cures diseases. Medical science has advanced a good deal. It helps the doctors to locate the disease. Terrible diseases like plague, small-pox, cholera, typhoid and malaria have been brought under control. Plastic surgery can change one’s face and complexion6. Underground drainage and sanitary schemes have minimized the chances of infection or spread of disease. Science has thus helped man in his fight against disease. The various inventions and discoveries of science have greatly added to the comforts of life.

Science has entered our life so powerfully that we have started thinking in a scientific way. It has all together changed our outlook on life. We now want to know the how and why of things. The age of superstitious beliefs is over. Scientific inventions have not all been for our good. Science has given man deadly weapons. The long-range guns, poisonous gases, atom-bombs and many other destructive weapons of warfare have made the life of man most insecure Another war, and the whole world will be destroyed in a minute by nuclear weapons.

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