Essay on If I were a Dictator like Hitler


Now-a-days most of us are acquainted with the word ‘dictator’, because we often hear of some dictators of the world and we know what it means. A dictator is a person who has absolute control over the State. The State is guided by his will, but a director is not a king, dictator is a common man. He does not belong to any royal family.

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Dictators control the destinies of their respective countries. Their position is more important than that of a king, because they rise to that eminent position from among the common people and so they get the support of the common people. But the ideals of these dictators are not the same. Their ideals are not always approved by all. It has been seen that some dictators had great lust for power and wealth. They did not care for the real welfare of their country. Ultimately they could not continue their dictatorship for a long time.


My dictatorship

I wish if I were a dictator of India for some time. As a dictator wields the greatest influence over the country, he can do much for the good of his country. If I happen to be a dictator, I will do what is possible for the uplift of India. I have plans and I shall try to carry them into effect.

My plans

(I) Religion: I notice that there is want of unity among the different communities of India. We must all feel that we are Indians. We must not give undue importance to religion. The communal spirit must go once for all. In politics there should be no place for religion. Every individual will be at liberty to follow his own religious belief, but political parties based on religion must be banned.


(2) Language : A common language of all the Indians is another means of establishing unity among the Indians. For this purpose I shall introduce one lingua franca in India. It will then be easy to understand one another. Of course, it will be a difficult task to accomplish this.

(3) Political changes : I have already said that political parties must not be based on religion. These parties will be formed according to difference of views as regards political matters. The form of Government will be democratic. But before that form of Government is introduced, common people must have political consciousness. They must know the advantages and disadvantages of all forms of Government. The legislature will continue, but the system of election shall be changed. I shall have my cabinet but with full control over it. My constant aim will be to effect the political progress of my country so that it may be one of the first class States of the world.

(4) Economic changes : But without economic change, political change will be meaningless to the people. It will be my aim to see that every Indian is properly fed, clothed, housed and educated. India has got ample mineral resources; so industry can be developed here. These will be developed under State control so that there may not be any clash of interest between the capitalists and the workers. Agriculture must be improved on scientific lines. There must be a network of railways, roads and canals in the country for carrying on trade and commerce

(5) Education and social reforms: Mass education lies at the root of all reforms. Unless the people are educated, unless they are able to understand the value of the changes, I shall not be able to effect the changes for improvement easily. So education must be made free and compulsory. Grown-up persons also must be educated. Technical colleges must be established in large numbers throughout the country. There must be public libraries in every village and town. People shall be taught the value of co-operation and of Co-operative Societies. Sanitation of the country must be improved. Hospitals will be established in large numbers so that people may be benefited by these. Rigidity of caste must not be supported. Everyone in society will enjoy equal privilege and people will be judged by their merit and not by their caste. All kinds of social evils must be removed.


(6) Foreign Policy : I am a lover of peace. So my foreign policy will not be in the least aggressive. I do not want unnecessary bloodshed. But I shall have a well-equipped army, navy and air force to defend my country against any foreign invasion.


Thus my idea of a dictator will be quite different from that of the dictators of the world. My aim will be to effect an all-round improvement of India based upon Indian culture. People must live in peace and prosperity free from foreign aggression and internal disorders.

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