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I am a poor boy and have very little chance of handling huge amount of money but if a miracle happens and I find myself in possession of million rupees, I shall hardly know what to do with it.

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I have often thought of it. Often have I been in the dreamland dreaming of a life of comfort but what of that? I have my own ideas about how money should be spent. If I have money enough and to spare, I shall spend my money differently, not at least in the way most millionaires do. They live a luxurious life. They spend money lavishly. They least care for die millions of their poor countrymen. I shall, on the other hand, live for others. My money would be used to improve the lot of the poor and the dawn-trodden.

This is how I shall spend the million rupees if this huge amount is placed at my disposal. I am a student of history. I have studied the rise and fall of Empires. I know what position my country once occupied. As a patriot who has the good of his country at heart, nothing will please me more than to see my county march on her goal of socialism and to see that the wide disparity between the rich and the poor is removed. At present, however, the country is passing through hard times. China and Pakistan are arming themselves against India. Their armies are on our frontiers. India, therefore, needs war preparedness and for this she is in urgent need of money. I shall try to help my country in my own humble way.


If I become a millionaire, I shall not discontinue my studies. Rather I would join a good school and get the best education. After qualifying myself as an engineer I shall set up my own factory. It will be a factory in which workers would enjoy a sort of ownership. I shall give them good wages and keep them amply satisfied. There would be no strikes. The factory would prosper. Production would increase and more profits would accrue. I shall expand it with the surplus money and give employment to several hundred people. In this way I shall solve the unemployment problem in my own humble way.

This is not all. I shall remember how humble I was once. This will fill me with a sense of humility. I shall visit my school—my Alma mater where I received my first lessons. I shall give it a handsome donation. Still I shall have a good sum of money left. This I shall keep in the bank for some unforeseen future expenses and meet my personal expenses from the interest that I would get on it.

This is what I plan to do. I know, however, that this is just a pious wish and most difficult to realise. I am, however, confident that I shall achieve success in life and may be, with the blessings of God, become a rich man, if not a millionaire.

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