Essay on If I were on the Moon

Ours is an age of miracles performed by science. Not a day passes when some wonderful invention is not made.

Man with his limitless ambition has been learning to fly. His success came with the invention of the aero plane in 1905. This was not the end of his ambition. He went on improving aircraft till it is now capable of flying over head at a speed more than that of sound. More and more improvements are being made in it. Flying has now become the most popular means of travelling abroad.

It was once said that television was one of the latest inventions of science. It transmitted human voice over space along with the photograph in the twinkling of an eye. Just press the button and you find yourself enjoying the sights, scenes, dialogues from a far-off land.

Will we ever lose the moon? — WTFaKs

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And now man has added another wonder to the list of his wonderful inventions and it is the spacecraft. The space ship must travel at a tremendous speed of seven miles per second in order to get clear of the gravitational pull with which the Earth attracts all objects towards it and then enter the vast space. On the Christmas Eve in 1968, three astronauts named Anders, Frank Borman and James Lovell set put on their journey to the moon in Apollo-8. They remained in space for a number of days and then came back home. They landed in the dark Pacific in a parachute. The splashdown was exactly on schedule. It was man’s first great adventure and one of history’s most sensational explorations.

The adventure to the moon was accomplished on the 21 July, 1969. Armstrong and Aldrin, in Apollo-11, actually landed on the moon and walked on the moon’s surface for a couple of hours and brought back with them bags of the moon-soil. Man’s dreams of reaching the moon was accomplished.

This wonderful adventure of the Apollo-11 astronauts has filled me with an ambition to be on the moon. And how I dream about it! If it were my good fortune to be on the moon, what a great joy it would be to experience weightlessness, the gravitational pull on the moon being only one-sixth of that of the earth! How would I frisk about lightly and look at the earth hanging in the black sky. What a thrilling experience it would be to be on the moon with a team of boys from the earth and to arrange a cricket match there! The ball in that match would soar high. The pitch and the field would be six times the size they are on the earth. Due to the low gravitational pull I would feel very athletic. A little effort on my part would make me jump to great heights.

On the surface of the moon everything that is in sunshine would appear white and everything else black. I would also have to carry with me a huge oxygen apparatus because it would be impossible for me to breathe without one. The one thing that I shall have to guard against would be the extremes of temperatures. It is very hot during the day while it is extremely cold at night. And for this I would carry with me a dress which would not make me suffer in any way—the very dress which the space heroes put on while on the moon.


How I would enjoy the return journey! To pull myself out of the gravitational pull of the moon would be the first thing to do. Once in the space craft, I would move on till it entered the gravitational pull of the earth. Once it is done, it would be possible to rush down for a gentle splash down in the deep sea. How I wish to be on the moon already! The adventure of the Apollo-11 astronauts have given wings to my imagination.

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