Essay on If I were the Mayor

Delhi is the capital of India. It is a city of great historical importance. People from far and wide visit it. But what impression do they carry with them? I do not think it can be anything for which we should feel proud of. Bad roads, poor sanitation, garbage lying in heaps, katras and slums—this is what a casual visitor to Delhi sees.

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But who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs? It is the Municipal Corporation which looks after the civic administration. Mayor is the head of a civic body and he has his team of councillors to help him. His post is, indeed, a post of great responsibility.

If I were the Mayor of Delhi, my first task would be to tone up the civic services. At present the Corporation is the centre of corruption. It is impossible to get a thing done unless large sums are paid for it. It is, indeed, bad and the sooner this evil is removed, the better it would be for all concerned.


Next I would take up the problem of sanitation and health. Some of the localities of Delhi are very dirty. The streets and drains give out foul smell. Then there are the slums with no modern amenities of life. There are kachcha roads and unhygienic drains with no outlets for dirty water. All this is bad indeed. I would tackle this problem on the right lines and I am sure I shall succeed.

Next is the problem of roads and transport. The roads at present are very bad while the transport is still worse. I would request the Government to provide more buses to be put on the roads. Old ones would be repaired. Those which are unserviceable would be written off.

Lastly, I would turn to education. It is said that the schools run by the Government are badly managed and the staff working in these schools are most dissatisfied. I would make a thorough enquiry and see that the working of these schools improves.

All this is not an easy task but, God willing, I would carry the opposition with me in this noble task and I am sure they will not grudge me anything I need and do for the betterment of the city.

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